Breakfast is Served:

Art is hard, art is complicated, art is complex. Breakfast is served, spread, dipped, dunked, and downed. But the Breakfast campaign takes all the depth from the former and attempts to digest (yeah we punned) all the relish of the latter. Best described as a movement to make art more accessible, Breakfast aims to highlight the simple and unique quality in the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday environment. 

Breakfast is Served launches from the “most important meal of the day” in an effort to make art as  understandable as Jack Johnson explaining banana pancakes. What starts with the smell of crisp bacon and fluffed waffles, endeavors to educate and inspire those from every culture and industry to participate in both the creation and appreciation of art. 

The OG brunch (combined with a sizable portion of inside jokes) has grown into a series of zines, clothes, stickers, and other wonderful knick-knacks born of creativity, love, and some zany attitude. Breakfast is Served is disruptive, rebellious, weird, and a constantly flowing, expanding collective of artists who seek to make the world a more stimulating and dramatic place. If you like omelettes or Oldenburg, hash browns or Harper Ferry, or simply enjoy some friggin art, we encourage you to join the movement as a certified Breakfast Diner™️. 

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